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Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone
Engagement Photoshoot Miami
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Yesterday, I trusted Giancarlo with Maritime Yachts to prepare an experience that the family wouldn’t forget.

They took us out on a gorgeous 100' Azimut Yacht. The trip started with a champagne welcoming toast.

Thirty minutes into the excursion, baby whales fully breached the waters- proudly showing off in front of us.

It was a magically beautiful experience.  Then, the very attentive crew prepared magnificent appetizers as we sailed to Chileno Bay. As we sailed back at sunset, the crew served us the most delicious dinner. Made by their award winning chef.

My family & friends really had a chance to spend quality time creating lasting memories.


This was a truly spectacular adventure. I can’t thank Giancarlo and the crew enough for making this experience exceed our expectations.


Thank you Maritime Yachts Family from the bottom of my heart for being major 10X!


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